room making hall

After producing heavy vehicle parts and offering them to the domestic and foreign markets, and considering the increasing demand for truck cabins, in 2015, this company started building suitable halls and equipping production lines, training and recruiting efficient workers, and improving the quality of products. and succeeded in making different types of trucks (Mighty, Khavar, etc.).
این واحد با تکیه بر منابع انسانی کارآمد و شایستگی های فنی و مدیریتی و با هدف پوشش نیاز مشتریان ، قابلیت راه اندازی خطوط جدید را دارا می باشد.
از افتخارات این گروه ، همکاری مشترک با شرکت ایران خودرو دیزل جهت صادرات کامیون های بنز می باشد.

Production line of tires, tanks and wind tanks

Among other products of Quds Industrial Group of Najaf Abad, we can mention three-piece truck rims, as well as round and square fuel tanks and air tanks of all types of heavy vehicles, which are running in an equipped complex using fully automatic robots with unit management. be

Hall of raw materials

The management of Quds Industrial Group believes in the vital role of quality in the survival of the entire collection and obtaining customer satisfaction, making timely and correct investments in order to provide the required raw materials. Therefore, the raw material hall is always the storage place for steel sheets and raw materials of this organization.